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   BEFORE YOU BEGIN TRAINING you must download these files! 

Quick Start Training Check Sheet (download this before starting)

Agent Target and Stat Sheet (Daily, Monthly, Yearly)


Other USMS University Files:

Master Pricing Guide

Equipment Lease Grid

Sales Cycle Training Script


We have built this new e-classroom to help you because a certified merchant advisor as quickly as possible! Here you can access all of the online USMS University chapters and quizes. Can't take all of the courses at once? No problem! Our new website is setup so that you can start right back on the chapter or quiz question you were on when you left (we suggest you leave after completing a powerpoint presentation, as you will have to start from the beginning for each chapter) You can even view all of your progress and scores!

Here is how you begin: Start by clicking "My Enrolled Courses" on the left side bar. This will list all of your chapter courses in order. Click on the first chapter, click through the chapter presentation, take the quiz, and move onto the next chapter! Its that simple!


Left Sidebar break down:

Homepage -  (this page)

My Enrolled Courses - click this tab to view all of the courses you need to go through. The system will track your progress so you know which chapter to start on each time.

Edit my Account - Edit your password and set email preferences here

My Transcript - View past quizes and scores